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BUCHEN-group’s further training centre is the first German vocational training centre to be SIR-certified

BUCHEN-group’s: Pioneer in SIR safety standards for training centers within Germany

Cologne, Voerde. BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH's further training centre has reached a significant milestone and is the first training centre in Germany to be certified in accordance with the strict SIR safety standards. This certification, awarded by the Stichting Industriële Reinigung (SIR), distinguishes the centre as an accredited training facility and certified examination centre for theoretical and practical qualifications in accordance with the high SIR statutes. The emphasis of this certification is on safe industrial cleaning practises, notably in the chemical and petrochemical sectors. The SIR certification, which is still rarely awarded in Germany, is based on a proven safety principle that has been used in the Netherlands and Belgium for over 25 years. In both neighbouring countries, only professionals holding a valid SIR qualification have been permitted to do tasks involving high pressure, pressure-vacuum, respiratory protection, or chemical-technical cleaning since a considerable amount of time.

The certification of the training centre attests to its excellent quality, health, safety, and environmental management requirements practiced by BUCHEN UmweltService. These standards led to the establishment of the company's own training centre in Voerde on the Lower Rhine in 2008. BUCHEN not only trains its own employees but also provides training courses to external professionals. The training programme includes a wide range of industry-specific courses, including basic and advanced seminars on industrial high-pressure water cleaning, as well as courses for respiratory protection specialists. More than 30 employees have already gained five-year SIR qualifications in the specialist areas of high-pressure operator and high-pressure machine operator.

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