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Industrial sewer services.
Professional sewer cleaning with lots of extras.

BUCHEN UmweltService’s sewer services include cleaning, inspection, leak testing and restoration of contaminated, damaged or out-of-date sewer systems for industrial companies or municipal districts. Comprehensive expertise, many years of experience, qualified expert staff and high-performance specialist equipment ensure that projects are conducted in high quality, saving you time and money.

The ideal technology for efficient use

Our sewer services use state-of-the-art technology. Equipment includes high-pressure flushing and suction devices, with integrated water treatment on request, mobile air conveyor systems, and special devices for milling obstacles. We can even conduct complex sewer cleaning projects on distances of up to 400 metres at a time. In sewer and shaft inspection, we use sewer TV vehicles equipped with EDP and camera technology.

Our fleet also includes inspection vehicles with explosion protection. We inspect shafts and buildings with 3D panoramic scanners, without entering the plants.

Range of services

If required, we provide all services for your sewer system from a single source, for example:

Sewer, culvert and pipe cleaning

Large and special profile cleaning

Sewer and shaft inspection

Leak testing with water or air

Sewer restoration – planning and execution

House connection sewer cleaning

In addition to cleaning and inspection, we also create bespoke restoration concepts for your waste water systems.

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