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Ein Industriereiniger klettert aus einer Atemschutzübungsstrecke mit einer gelben Schutzausrüstung raus.

The foundation of everything we do.

We see effective QHSE (quality, health, safety, environment) management both as part of our corporate responsibility and as a marker of the quality with which we meet key customer requirements. BUCHEN UmweltService thus represents an above-standard QHSE level that we guarantee and constantly advance with numerous initiatives.

QHSE as part of the corporate culture

We use numerous opportunities to not only secure our high QHSE level, but enhance it further. Our intention is to make comprehensive use of the potential we have. The spectrum ranges from management systems, to training and information campaigns, to precautions and routines that enhance the QHSE aspects of our work even further. This also includes working intensively to develop safety-optimised machinery, equipment and processes in house.

Innovations that only we have. Find out about our solutions developed in house for added safety. Technology

BUCHEN UmweltService regularly wins Safety Awards from renowned customers: clear proof of the success of our QHSE measures in day-to-day business.

Management system in line with international standards

Our QHSE organisation is based on an integrated management system inspired by international standards. It covers all operative services, including the associated control and support processes, and incorporates statutory regulations, technical provisions, customer specifications and internal company guidelines. Regular internal audits and external certification ensure that the prescribed processes are adhered to reliably.

Numerous BUCHEN staff are involved in the external audits every year. Internal audits are also conducted.

Certification, approvals, memberships


ISO 9001

quality management

ISO 14001

environmental management


occupational safety management system

ISO 45001

occupational safety management system


Specialist disposal company as per Circular Economy Act (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz)

Specialist company as per Water Resources Act (Wasserhaushaltsgesetz)

Specialist company as per Hazardous Substances Ordinance (Gefahrstoffverordnung) (asbestos removal)

Quality management system as per KTA 1401 (radiation protection)

Quality seals

German quality seal RAL-RG 977 Tank Protection

German quality seal RAL-RG 961 Sewer Construction


Stiftung Industrielle Reinigung (SIR)

Gütegemeinschaft Tankschutz (GT)

Wirtschaftsverband Industrieservice e.V. (WVIS)

The Water Jetting Association (WJA)

Certification proves the effectiveness of our QHSE management and provides reliable criteria for assessing its quality.

Campaign for health and safety in day-to-day work

Safety is our top priority. To ensure that we live up to this standard and that everyone helps to achieve it, we use the multilingual "Gemeinsam sicher" campaign and regularly evaluate its effectiveness. The initiative’s instruments include print products like posters and flyers, as well as digital solutions. These can be accessed on a smartphone via QR codes, for example, making them available even to those staff who do not work with computers.

Inhouse training systems and workshops

In order to teach staff the QHSE knowledge and skills they need, we use our own training system, developed inhouse, which combines face-to-face sessions with e-learning. Topics include safety qualifications and how to handle technology correctly. Our workshops with specially trained service technicians ensure that the work team’s safety equipment is fully functional at all times.

We also provide this comprehensive expertise in safety equipment as a service. Find out more SafetyServices

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