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ndustrieabfall wird mit einem BUCHEN Fahrzeug abtransportiert.

Disposal of industrial waste and hazardous materials.
Our solutions for successful waste management.

Industrial disposal today has to meet tough requirements. It must fulfil climate and environmental standards, comply with complex technical rules, and be economically feasible. Safety aspects also play a role, especially in relation to hazardous substances. With so much to juggle, BUCHEN UmweltService is an ideal partner who supports you expertly and sustainably in every field.

Reliable disposal with a focus on recycling

With many years of expertise, BUCHEN UmweltService conducts proper, expert disposal of industrial waste with a wide range of hazard potential. Our membership of the REMONDIS Group, one of the world’s largest service providers for recycling, services and water, gives us direct access to a wide range of treatment and disposal plants. In turn, you benefit from highly reliable disposal and the certainty that BUCHEN UmweltService provides the best possible disposal methods for even the most challenging of contaminated substances.

Consulting services that pay off

From preventing and recycling to disposal in suitable systems – our comprehensive consulting helps you to manage your material flows in the best possible way. The result is a waste economy that not only saves you time and money, but also guarantees a legally watertight approach and a high level of sustainability. Our consulting and services extend to all types of special waste that arise in your company, regardless of its origin and composition.

Do you want support in creating operational waste economy concepts?Get in touch

Chemicals are not only produced in industrial production, but also in laboratories. Our trained specialists package the materials expertly and transport them safely to the plants.

Full-service solutions for your waste management

Efficient waste management does not need to be associated with high operating costs. BUCHEN UmweltService supports you however you need – for example by assisting your waste officer or providing an external waste officer for you. We are also happy to take on your entire waste management process. With this option, our experts take care of all necessary tasks directly at your site – from the waste economy concept to setting up collection points to regular removal including documentation.

Simplify your operational waste management and gain capacity for your core operative business.

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