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Suction dredge services.
Short operating times without laborious preparation.

Suction dredges can release material and extract it at the same time. That gives these heavy, hard-working machines a wide range of options for use. With pinpoint accuracy and low shunting widths, our suction dredge services can tackle even the toughest challenges. And with no need for time-consuming disassembly work or to set up a large construction site, the services can also be used quickly and flexibly.

Convenient solution for a wide range of uses

Our suction dredge services can be used for an enormous range of applications – from road construction to draining industrial plants.

Suction dredges are especially useful where work needs to be conducted without damaging surroundings, or where hydraulic extraction technology cannot be used.

Typical fields of use include the following:

Exposing pipes, lines and cable routes

Draining bunkers and silos

Track maintenance and repair

Removing contaminated substances

Clearing up lost loads after truck accidents

Cleaning and soil removal for road trenches, verges and central reservations

Replacing filter media in water and sewage works

Cleaning deposit and aeration tanks

Removing soil for tree and root restoration

Environmentally friendly, gentle and efficient

Suction dregers have short operation times, allow for quick and damage-free excavation, and have a low traffic and environmental effect. They are utilised anywhere the use of traditional hydraulic excavation technique is prohibited due to a significant risk of harm or where environmental circumstances do not permit it.

Our suction dredge services allow you to expose items without damage and to extract both wet and dry materials including soil, gravel, stones, dust, and much more. The machines we use have high suction performance of up to eight m³/h. Materials measuring up to 250 mm in diameter and 20 kg in weight can be extracted.

Working in an environmentally friendly way, our suction dredges can be used even for contaminated media.

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