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Whether for customers from industry or the municipal sector, the suction dredge has a diverse range of applications

You can benefit from our suction dredge services

Suction dredges can be deployed quickly and allow for fast excavation without damage while minimising transport and environmental pollution. They are used wherever conventional hydraulic excavation machines cannot be deployed due to the high risk of damage or the prevailing environmental conditions.

At your disposal!

  • The pinpoint application and small manoeuvring width of these machines virtually eliminate tedious disassembly work and large-scale construction site setups and considerably reduce deployment times, saving you time and money.


      • Suction of damp and dry materials such as soil, gravel, ballast and dust
      • Selective uncovering without damage
      • Efficient suction capacity of up to 8 m³/h
      • Suction material measuring up to 250 mm in diameter and weighing up to 20 kg
      • Use with contaminated media also
      • Dust-free exhaust air
      • Collecting chamber in the vehicle

    Examples of use

      • Uncovering pipes, lines and cable trays for maintenance and repairs
      • Emptying bunkers and silos
      • Track maintenance and repair
      • Environmentally-friendly removal of contaminated materials
        • Suction of spilled loads following lorry accidents, cleaning and excavation of soil from ditches, hard shoulders and central reservations
        • Replacement of filter media, cleaning of slurry tanks and aeration basins in waterworks and wastewater treatment plants
        • Tree and root maintenance

    Diverse range of applications

    • The suction dredge technique can be applied in various problem areas in road construction and other areas, e.g. in uncovering lines, pipes or cable ducts. For such purposes, root or tree remediation must often be carried out.

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