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Plate heat exchanger services.
Every make, every service, every option.

Plate heat exchangers are highly effective and energy efficient. However, to achieve the best possible heat transfer, the equipment must be in immaculate condition. Both regular cleaning and replacing defective sealing materials are essential for this. With its plate heat exchanger services available throughout Germany, BUCHEN UmweltService provides a full package of all the necessary services – from dismantling, cleaning and inspecting the plates to reassembly and repair.

What makes us special

BUCHEN UmweltService takes care of plate heat exchangers from every brand. Thanks to our specially trained expert staff and high-performance equipment, we can clean even very large quantities in next to no time – with minimal lead times. At the customer’s request, we provide spare parts in original or OEM quality. If your plate heat exchanger should fail unexpectedly, we react fast to repair it quickly.

BUCHEN UmweltService’s plate heat exchanger services save you crucial time – not only during turnarounds.

Fast change processes – including for integrated equipment

We use our chemical baths to clean plate heat exchangers in an environmentally friendly way. The chemicals used are tailored to the type and level of soiling, ensuring fast treatment that is gentle on the material. We can even heat the baths to shorten the cleaning time further. Soldered equipment is generally cleaned in a circulation flushing system – a cleaning-in-place (CIP) process that allows it to be cleaned while still installed.

The CIP process is ideal especially for welded or soldered plate heat exchangers and smaller closed apparatus.

Our services in detail

Disassembly of plates using specialist tools

Cleaning of plates in a chemical bath and using high-pressure water technology

Inspection of plates using a penetrant and UV light as per ISO 3452

Inspection and replacement of seals

Disassembly of plates and commissioning including pressure testing

Documentation of all work steps

Provision of spare parts

We also use high-pressure water to clean plate heat exchangers. You can find out more about our expertise in HP technology here

Service that pays off

Our plate heat exchanger services return your equipment to its original efficiency. In practice, this means:

Optimum heat transfer performance

Greater productivity thanks to increased volumetric flows

Energy saving due to lower inlet temperatures and reduced pressure losses

Reduction in failures and leaks

Improved processes

With perfectly cleaned plate heat exchangers, you avoid losses in productivity while also reducing your operating costs.

Plate heat exchanger services

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