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Ein Industriereiniger, der eine Wasserhochdruckreinigung mit einer HD-Pistole in einem gelben Schutzanzug durchführt.

Industrial cleaning.
The perfect solution for every challenge.

Industrial plants and plant sections need to be cleaned regularly if they are to work efficiently and economically without interruption. Specialising in professional industrial cleaning, BUCHEN UmweltService offers a wide range of services and highly effective processes that both guarantee top-level cleaning and protect plants.

At a glance: Our services for industrial cleaning

With experienced, specialised staff and state-of-the-art technology, our work for you include the following fields:

High-pressure water cleaning

Column cleaning

Ultrasound cleaning

Chemical cleaning

Biogas plant cleaning

Cold cutting

Turnaround management

Processes and devices developed in-house enable us to unlock vital time, cost and safety benefits for you in industrial cleaning.

High-pressure water cleaning – automated or manual

High-pressure water cleaning is one of BUCHEN UmweltService’s classic services, and one in which we hold extraordinary expertise. For reasons of efficiency and safety, our high-pressure water cleaning is generally automated. Manual work is used where automation is not feasible or economical. In all types of high-pressure water cleaning, the cleaning process is 100% mechanical using the power of water.

Short process times and high environmental standards: find out about our high-performance HD equipment here

Column cleaning with high-performance technology

In tank, vessel, and column cleaning, deposits or residues are gently released using high-pressure water technology and then flushed away with rinsing water. Our wide range of equipment, including both radial and axial jet types with adjustable magnetic brakes, ensure optimum cleaning results. Positioning units allow the various tank washing heads to reach almost any angle.

BUCHEN UmweltService chooses modern application technology to guarantee top-class cleaning, including in column cleaning.

Cleaning in an ultrasound bath

We offer innovative ultrasound cleaning for smaller parts, such as scaffolding materials, valves and column fittings. This pioneering process removes even the toughest soiling with tar, bitumen, oil and grease quickly, thoroughly and gently. The parts to be cleaned are placed in a cleaning basket measuring around three m3 and lowered into the ultrasound bath, where they are fully cleaned in no more than four hours.

Chemical cleaning in closed systems

Using chemical cleaning and disinfection processes, BUCHEN UmweltService removes even the toughest deposits on or in plant sections, while still protecting the material. The process used is tailored individually to the soiling and your plant’s requirements. Taking technical aspects into account, we conduct cleaning in a circulation or spray process using our mobile cleaning stations. This also includes proper disposal of all cleaning residue accrued. Fields of use:

New plants

Construction residues in newly built industrial plants cause product contamination and corrosion. Disinfection before commissioning can prevent this. We clean, descale, deoil, degrease, disinfect or passivate.

Existing plants

Plants are often dismantled for cleaning and then reassembled – a complex and time-consuming process. But there is another way. BUCHEN UmweltService offers you an alternative that saves both time and money: its system flushing process developed in house.

Inspection and maintenance of biogas plants

Our biogas plant services ensure that your plant maintains its full power and a consistently high gas yield. From planning to project management, we take on every task – including bespoke work and safety concepts.

When deposits reduce the fermentation space, it is time for professional cleaning.

Our services include the following:

Emptying vessels of all residue and cleaning


Vessel decoating and recoating

Gas cooler and heat exchanger cleaning

Pipe and sewer cleaning

Pressure testing in accordance with WHG

Filter and catalyst service

Cold cutting using high-pressure water

In sensitive areas, cutting work in industrial plants demands maximum precision. That is why we work with the water abrasive suspension (WASS) cutting process, which also offers impressive time, cost and environmental benefits. Only water and abrasives are used for cutting. Materials like steel and concrete, as well as double-walled materials and elements with a sandwich construction, can be cut with a low saw kerf width and no vibration or thermal loads (no ignitable spark formation).

Turnaround management from experts

Turnarounds are complex projects whose success relies on perfect planning and rigorous management. An experienced specialist, BUCHEN UmweltService takes on fundamental tasks for you in advance of the project, during execution, and in documentation. As well as quality and occupational safety, we focus unerringly on sticking to schedules and budgets. Our services in detail:

Partners throughout the process: through detailed planning and efficient execution, we ensure that your plant can return to operation quickly.

Our services in detail:

Consulting and planning

Composition and implementation of the safety concept

Setup and provision of infrastructure

Arrangement of staff and equipment use

Scheduling and schedule monitoring on site

Organisation of any additional work

Timely cost monitoring

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