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Ein Automatisierungsroboter der auf einem Waschplatz steht und eine leistungsstarke HD-Reinigung durchführt.

Equipment that keeps pace with the times.

Impressive services are also a question of the equipment used. That is why BUCHEN UmweltService makes sure that the teams executing its projects are equipped with the very best application technology. As well as the products available on the open market, we also develop and redevelop equipment ourselves. Setting the pace in industrial cleaning, we at BUCHEN have established our high level of technical innovation over many years – and continue to reinforce and expand our position with pioneering new innovations.

Development projects with practical applications

Our Technology department drives many of our innovations. It ensures that our locations have the latest equipment and helps out with specific customer projects by troubleshooting or providing technical consulting. To achieve this, the Technology team seeks out general technological developments, determines the current status of technologies and processes, and integrates suitable options into our operative business. In-house research and development also drive improvements.

A focus on automation

Automated systems and processes are at the heart of our development work – and for good reason: automation allows key customer requirements to be met. For example, automated equipment and machinery enables high-quality results and accelerates processes. Significantly higher safety levels can also be achieved, as professionals no longer have to conduct hazardous work. Instead of working in risky environments, they can keep a safe distance as they control the process.

We advance research projects both alone and together with partners such as universities.

Project management secures fast innovation cycles

BUCHEN’s Technology department plans multiple developments every year. Their systematic planning, design and implementation is guaranteed by the process of continuous improvement that we demonstrate every day and that we also apply to our project management. In total, BUCHEN UmweltService currently holds around 20 patents and utility models, ranging from innovations for high-pressure cleaning to cleaning equipment and remote-controlled automated equipment for cleaning industrial plants and plant sections.

Since we have exclusive use of the equipment developed in house, when you work with us you benefit from unique selling points that create lasting added value.

An excellent position in engineering

Our engineers and technical staff develop new and existing customer-specific special constructions. Technical solutions and innovations are developed in close collaboration with our project managers and customers across the entire development process, from concept development to technical documentation. Creative techniques – both conventional engineering and modern processes like 3D CAD, 3D printers and digital calculations in line with the finite elements method – are essential to this. Multiple test series on a test bench developed in-house ultimately test the feasibility of the prototypes.

SPS-controlled and equipped with clamping devices developed in house and universal test equipment, our test bench supports experiments and test runs under realistic conditions.

Future technologies added to our standard service

Once development work is complete, our innovations join BUCHEN’s regular range of services. We use the newly developed plants, machines and equipment exclusively for our own services, giving customers a clear advantage. Examples:

Automated Industrial Cleaner (AIC)

Cleaning robot for automated high-pressure water cleaning of plant sections. Advantages: Safe alternative to manual work with HP guns, efficient cleaning due to higher pressure/water quantity ratio, easy set-up of mobile system.


For fully automated internal cleaning of heat exchangers. Advantages: Cleaning with reproducible performance and logging of results, high operating and process reliability, and minimal downtimes.

Mobile carriages

For cleaning standing heat exchangers vertically from below. Advantages: Cleaning using a multiple feeder from a safe distance; waste water is captured directly and extracted by suction.

Automated conveyor washing system

For cleaning small parts. Advantages: Blasting of contaminated components with two high-pressure cleaning heads; multiple rounds possible; structured discharge of process water including contamination.

Mobile high-pressure manipulator (MHM)

For mechanical high-pressure water cleaning of small parts. Advantages: Good access to complex components thanks to flexible 360° rotating unit; range of safety functions for safe operation; alternative to manual high-pressure cleaning.

Large-scale equipment and vehicle technology with full performance

BUCHEN UmweltService’s logistics fleet is both large and highly specialised, ensuring unlimited availability in practice. In addition, the proven performance of our equipment guarantees fast project progress that saves significant time.

High-pressure water technology

BUCHEN UmweltService uses a broad spectrum of high and maximum pressure equipment in high-pressure water cleaning. For example, pumps with performance values between 500 and 3,000 bar are used, depending on the case. And we also have a comprehensive range of bodies: from fixed box bodies to BDF swap bodies and systems with CSC certification mounted in containers.

Our automated high-pressure water cleaning equipment is specially tailored to a wide range of requirements, including cleaning heat exchangers and air coolers.

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