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BUCHEN has always distinguished itself through its use of innovative technology. Our specialists also develop new technical solutions and optimise technical applications and procedures that are tailored to the needs of the customer

Technology for every requirement

BUCHEN has a large vehicle fleet with vacuum-operated pressure tank vehicles, drain flushing combination lorries, industrial lorries, suction dredges, pneumatic waste extraction systems as well as transportation vehicles for hazardous waste. Furthermore, the logistics park includes powerful high-pressure pumps, comprehensive high-pressure water jet and ultra-high pressure cleaning equipment and a wide range of mobile and stationary systems.

Minimally invasive technologies

  • Modern techniques and technologies as well as automated, mobile processes avoid harm to humans and the environment and form the basis for flexible and informed solutions to different requirements.

    • Waste water purification plants

      • Waste water purification plants filter out impurities from the water and re-use the clean water for the purification process.

        • Mobile water treatment plant: equipped with a patented oil separator
        • Mobile oil separator
      • Mobile oil separator

      Exhaust air purification systems

      • BUCHEN offers different exhaust air cleaning systems that clear dusts, vapours or aerosols from exhaust air streams:

        • Mobile combustion
        • Mobile gas scrubber
        • Expert advice to the activated carbon filter system ARASORB
      • Mobile gas scrubber for cleaning industrial combustion waste gases

        The mobile combustion chamber is tested according to the technical rules for flammable liquids with a technical control board report (TÜV) and burns hydrocarbons as well as explosive and harmful gases from a minimum temperature of 850 degrees Celsius

      Solid blasting cleaning equipment

      • For removing greases and oils, rust and soot, asbestos and bitumen, paints and varnishes, rubberisations, encrustations, seals.

        • Mobile STEP unit (cleaning of surfaces by blasting with dry ice pellets)
        • Sand-blasting (solid-particle / compressed air technique)
        • NPI blasting technique (using modified sodium bicarbonate)
      • NPI blasting method for the careful cleaning of sensitive surfaces

      Transport of hazardous materials

      • We transport hazardous goods in three modes of transportation, i.e. ADR tanks, bulk goods and packaging, as permitted under the hazardous goods legislation. We deploy:

        • Demountable tanks such as vacuum-operated waste tank vehicles, tank containers
        • Multi-bucket system vehicles, hook-lift systems
        • Flat-bed trucks with tarpaulin and tail-board
        • Buckets, roll-off containers with and without covers up to 36 m³ storage capacity
        • Packaging for solid, pasty or liquid dangerous goods (e.g. IBC, UN-certified drums)
      • Multi-bucket system vehicle for ADR-transport

      High-pressure pumps

      • High-pressure pump

      • BUCHEN deploys different types of pumps and models to generate high-pressure water jets:

        • Water heaters/compact systems on trailers (usually up to 500 bar)
        • High-pressure pumps up to 1,400 bar
        • Ultra-high pressure pumps up to 3,000 bar
        • Cold cutting work up to 2,500 bar


        • Mounted on a trailer
        • Fixed box body
        • BDF swap body
        • A "double pump" model
        • In a container (with CSC certification)
        • Tank model south

      High pressure water jet cleaning appliances

      • Inside cleaning of heat exchanger bundles

        Automated procedure for cleaning air coolers

      • Automated high-pressure water cleaning equipment for different tasks and requirements:

        • For internal and external cleaning of heat exchangers
        • Mobile wash station
        • Hose winder for cleaning pipes
        • Hot water appliances
        • Surface cleaning appliances
        • Air cooler cleaner
        • Air heater cleaning device
        • Hose reel winch
        • Mobile high-pressure manipulator (MHM)

      High-pressure washing / suction units

      • Industrial truck: a combination of a suction vehicle and a high-pressure pump

      • Efficient multifunction devices for clean results include vacuum-operated pressure tank vehicles, pneumatic waste extraction systems, transporters (drain flushing and industrial vehicles and suction dredges).

        • Vehicles with containers with a capacity of 6 to 22 m³
        • Vacuum suction technology with volumetric flow rates up to 8,100 m³/h at a vacuum of 9,400 mm water column
        • Combined high-pressure washing and suction units, including with integrated water treatment

      Water jet cutting equipment

      • Precision and safety with the water abrasive suspension cutting technique (WASC)

      • Cutting work in industrial plants demands an extremely high level of safety:

        • In the area of industrial services for our customers, BUCHEN deploys the water abrasive suspension cutting technique (WASC), which fulfils the strictest requirements of plant construction for precision, speed and environmentally-friendly operation
        • The WASC procedure is suitable for cutting pipelines, tank apertures, apparatus, reactors as well as storage tanks
        • Even the hardest of materials, double-walled elements and components featuring sandwich construction can be cut easily and with no heat generation
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