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BUCHEN UmweltService

BUCHEN's industrial services provide maximum safety, efficiency and availability of installations and machines for industrial firms

Full-service provider to industry

Our service portfolio revolves around industrial cleaning processes that we have continuously refined and developed into a range of highly specialised and automated services. Whether it is heat exchangers, air coolers, tanks, pipeline systems and devices, vessels or columns used in heavy industry, BUCHEN provides all services from a single source – from initial consultations through to efficient implementation and all the way to final documentation.

  • Industrial cleaning

    • BUCHEN has developed effective cleaning procedures for refineries, power plants, chemical plants and other large plants. From cleaning with highly pressurised water for chemical cleaning and passivation to the system rinsing procedure, we offer effective solutions for your individual requirements.

    Waste and chemical disposal

    • Waste disposal includes the required measures of collection, transportation, storage and handling of waste. BUCHEN advises you in matters of prevention, recycling or environmentally sound disposal of waste and creates an operational waste management concept for you.

    Foundry service

    • BUCHEN looks after a closed recycling system for amines, including the necessary logistics at the Voerde site, as a competent partner in the foundry industry – and thus fulfils the objectives of a recycling economy in terms of legal requirements.

    Cold cutting

    • In addition to precision, cutting work in industrial plants demands an extremely high level of safety. Under these conditions, cold cutting is often the first choice.

    Sewer service

    • The BUCHEN sewer service includes the cleaning, inspection, leak testing and remediation of contaminated, defective or outdated sewer systems for industrial companies and communities.

    Surface technology

    • From ships, tanks and vessels to floodgates or industrial plant components: wherever metal surfaces are exposed to the weather, corrosion can occur. The surface technology offered by us includes all work required to gently remove coatings and layers of rust and to apply new coatings.

    Power plant services

    • BUCHEN offers operators of conventional power plants, thermal waste processing plants as well as industrial incineration and steam generation plants specialist services in cleaning, disposal and remediation all over Europe.

    Nuclear services

    • For the challenging tasks relating to all aspects of nuclear facilities, BUCHEN provides its customers with a range of services, from planning and implementing conventional decontamination work all the way to designing and realising complete decommissioning and deconstruction projects.

    Reactor services

    • Reactor services include all works regarding process plants handling catalysts, such as hydrocracker units, FCC reactors or UOP-CCR reformers and extends from the plant preparation for catalyst handling to regeneration, passivation or recycling of the catalyst material.


    • In addition to maintaining and supplying safety materials, BUCHEN can also take on all the management of the equipment including the monitoring of inspection intervals and the documentation of issue and return if required.


    • Whether it's deconstruction of industrial facilities or remediation of buildings, BUCHEN develops an individual solution concept for each project, which meets all security and cost efficiency requirements.

    Suction dredge services

    • Whether it's uncovering pipes and lines, emptying silos, removing contaminated materials or repairing track systems; the use of a suction dredge offers numerous benefits.

    Sludge dewatering

    • The processing of industrial sludge through solid-liquid separation takes place in the centre for sludge dewatering. Products such as alkalis, acids or oils are filtered and oil-water compounds are decanted.

    Silo cleaning

    • With different silo cleaning systems BUCHEN experts remove any form of contamination in up to 45 m deep silos without need to enter the containers or thereby contaminating the bulk good.

    Turnaround management

    • Each hour of non-activity in the refineries, chemical plants or power plants costs money. Downtimes must therefore be kept as short as possible. As an experienced specialist, we are aware of the challenges involved in successful turnaround management.

    Tank service

    • Storage tanks, vessels and columns for crude oil or heavy products require regular inspection and cleaning. Depending on the type and size of the tank as well as the condition of the residue to be removed, we deploy different automated, closed tank cleaning procedures.

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