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Organisation, equipment, expertise and reliability are key aspects of waste recycling and disposal

Waste disposal

Waste disposal is one of the most important environmental issues of our time. Waste disposal includes the measures required to collect, transport, store and treat waste. The German Recycling and Waste Management Act, which entered force in October 1996, established guidelines for protecting natural resources and promoting the environmentally-compatible disposal of waste.

Hidden values

  • BUCHEN has a large vehicle fleet with vacuum-operated pressure tank vehicles, drain flushing combination lorries and air conveyor units, powerful high-pressure pumps, transportation vehicles for hazardous waste and a comprehensive range of equipment for tailored services

    The obligation to utilise Waste expands the use of recyclable materials as a secondary raw material to achieve closed substance cycles. Where such use is unavoidable, the principle underlying waste disposal is to utilise waste materials either physically or for energy (incineration). BUCHEN meets the requirements of the regulation governing specialist disposal businesses with regard to organisation, equipment, expertise and reliability.

    BUCHEN ensures a high quality level in reusing and disposing of your waste.

Waste consulting

Our objective is to advise our customers on all waste management issues. In doing so, our focus is on waste avoidance and on economical, sustainable disposal. In our experience, almost all companies can save money by improving their waste management. Our consulting and service offering is designed to help you achieve this:

  • Our customer consultants are happy to advise on the avoidance, reuse or environmentally compatible disposal of industrial waste
  • We support you in your research to find ways of reusing all types of industrial waste
  • We help you to draft company waste management concepts

Waste management

  • We support your waste manager or provide an external waste consultant who begins by producing an inventory specifically for your plant. In keeping with the German Recycling and Waste Management Act, we devise a holistic, environmentally friendly waste management concept matched exactly to your company's needs in order to guarantee optimum operating procedures.

  • Take advantage of our experience and expertise for the recycling, disposal and transportation of your waste materials

Chemical disposal

  • Chemicals and chemical compounds are waste materials that are particularly hazardous to health, air or water because of their nature or properties. They may also contain or produce the causative agents of transmittable diseases. They can only be disposed of in facilities that are approved for this hazard potential.
    At BUCHEN, only suitably skilled specialists are entrusted with handling such waste. The chemists, laboratory assistants and waste disposal experts are familiar with all the laws and regulations concerning the disposal of hazardous substances. They provide advice and specialist packaging on site and select the appropriate waste disposal facilities.

  • We guarantee to dispose of chemicals properly and carefully, whether they are from the laboratory or from industrial production

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    All our divisions across Europe have been issued with the required quality and safety management accreditations.

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