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Preparation for corrosion protection: Remote-controlled removal of coatings from a tank using "Dockmate" or "Spiderjet"

Protection against corrosion

Wherever metal surfaces are exposed to weathering, corrosion occurs. BUCHEN provides protection against corrosion as its newest service that includes all work necessary to gently remove coatings and rust as well as subsequent recoating work.

Innovative technology for automated coating removal

Corroded surfaces are blasted using the conventional sand blasting process, for example. A more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative involves de-layering with ultra-high water pressure of up to 3,000 bar.
For all small and large areas, we use innovative technologies like ”Spiderjet“ and ”Dockmate“. With the fully-automated equipment, surfaces can be freed from old coatings and rust by remote control. Cleaning water and coating residues are collected and then separated. After stripping has been completed, the new coating is applied using all approved colour systems and various rubber lining systems.

Areas of application with long-term value retention

  • The environmental impact is significantly reduced with cleaning technology using Dockmate

    Corrosion protection systems guarantee a longer service life. This way we actively lower your maintenance costs. A few typical areas of application are listed below:

      • ships
      • floodgates
      • industrial plant components
      • reservoirs
      • boilers
      • pipeworks
      • vessels
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