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To ensure efficient sludge dewatering, we use state-of-the-art equipment

Sludge dewatering –
mobile or stationary

  • The processing of industrial sludge through solid-liquid separation takes place in the centre for sludge dewatering. Products such as alkalis, acids or oils are filtered and oil-water compounds are decanted. During inspection and cleaning work as well as stoppages, mobile sludge dewatering often plays a vital role in keeping plants in operation. It can be a key component of a disposal concept and a guarantee of optimum production.

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    FILTRATEC Mobile Schlammentwässerung

Flexible solutions available at short notice

  • Individual concepts are developed by the FILTRATEC Mobile Schlammentwässerung GmbH, a subsidary company of BUCHEN, depending on the requirement. To ensure efficient dewatering, we use state-of-the-art equipment. As a result FILTRATEC is your competent partner, especially when it comes to challenging tasks. In line with your needs, we plan, build and operate mobile and stationary installations. This allows you to hand over the technical and operational risks of sludge treatment to us, thus ensuring greater efficiency and improved predictability.

    Range of services

      • Individual project engineering
      • Process laboratory tests
      • Recovery and extraction of sludge
      • Physical-chemical treatment
      • Loading/derivation of separate stages
      • Process monitoring
      • Planning, construction and operation of plants

Gas-tight mobile decanter systems

  • For separating combustible or hazardous substances, we offer mobile, gas-tight three stage decanter systems charged with nitrogen in accordance with the ATEX Directive

    By using the gas-tight three-phase decanter systems, substances can and should be safely processed above the flash point. Thus, it is the first mobile system which can process substances with flash points under 21 degrees Celsius directly at the output station. The main field of use is the separation of crude oil slack wax, slop backlog, residues from tank cleaning, oily waste water sludge as well as solvent-contaminated sludge.

    • Animated film about the 3-stage decanter: The treatment of oil sludge is separated into oil, water and solids in the three stages

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