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With BinDrill®, BinWhip® and Cardox® BUCHEN offers three different systems for mobile silo cleaning

For strict safety standards – antistatic and spark-proof

  • All types of storage vessels, from coal, fertilisers, gypsum and cement to grain, animal feed, salt, and clay, any material stored in bulk storage vessels can eventually hang up on the walls and reduce capacity or create flow problems.

    The cleaning equipment use antistatic, spark-proof flails, ATEX  zone rated motor and meets the stringent safety standards and hygiene requirements in the chemical and food industries.

    The modular design of the equipment means it can be quickly installed on the silo or bunker and adapted to individual vessel sizes. Personnel do not need to enter the vessel at any stage of the work.

  • Drive unit and BinWhip® system consisting of a modular aluminum construct

BinDrill® – Bridge-Breaking System

  • The BinDrill® was developed to work in conjunction with the BinWhip® system. When a vessel is bridged leaving a void/cavity at the bottom of the silo, the BinDrill® is used to bore a hole through the bridged material. Once a flow channel has been created through the material, the BinWhip® system is then used to carefully remove the remaining hung-up material from the walls of the silo or bunker.

    The BinDrill® operates similar to a mobile oil or well drilling rig. The drill bits range in three sizes; the first is a small 50 mm bit and drills the first pilot hole. The hole is then increased in size by a further 2 larger diameter drill bits to create a flow channel large enough to use the BinWhip®.

    The BinDrill® is a unique hydraulic powered system with no compressed air equivalent.

  • Material accumulations are opened by the BinDrill®-System

BinWhip® – Bin Cleanout System

  • The BinWhip® is a unique tool developed to allow the cleaning of hung up storage vessels without the need or danger of sending personnel into confined spaces. The BinWhip® attaches easily to an opening at the top of the silo or bunker whilst a boom extends into the vessel to act as a guide for the main hose assembly and attached cleaning head. Flexible whips are attached to the rotating whip head motor to give a flailing cleaning action, knocking down even the toughest of materials, without causing damage to the vessel walls.
    The BinWhip® is a simple 2 man operation to get the job done fast and safely. The end result is a clean vessel and reclaimed product. Compressed air systems are no match for the high torque of the hydraulic BinWhip® system.

  • The BinWhip® system gently and efficiently dissolves accumulations of material in vessels

Cardox® – Blockage Clearing System

  • The Cardox® system consists of a steel tube sealed at both ends with a rupture disc in the discharge end and a chemical heater in the firing end. Once the tube is sealed it is filled with liquid CO2. The discharge end of the tube is then placed into the material ready for use. When the tube is initiated the chemical heater burns instantaneously converting the Liquid CO2 back to its natural form of gas and expanding with a pressure of 3000 bar and increases in volume x 600. This creates a massive heaving force with the power to break set cement, rock and other hard and compacted materials.

    As CO2 is inert and does not present a fire or explosion hazard, Cardox® is widely used in locations where volatile dust, chemicals and other hazardous combustible materials are stored and was originally designed for use in the coal mining industry.

    The expanding gas does not produce the high velocity shock wave of explosives, therefore will not damage vessel walls or produce flying debris.

  • Within seconds the Cardox® system dissolves tonnes of material 

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