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We're up to the challenge; Several refineries placed their entire safety management system in the hands of BUCHEN

Bespoke safety management solutions

  • Having served the chemical and petrochemical industries for so many years now, BUCHEN has in-depth knowledge of safety technology and knows all about the special requirements of this field. We have pooled together our years of experience and our specialist areas of expertise to create our SafetyService division, enabling us to offer an exceptionally wide range of services to our industrial customers as well as to firefighters and the emergency services – from providing advice on safety technology, to servicing, hiring out and selling such equipment, all the way through to training people how to use it.

  • Additional information

    Download BUCHEN SafetyService brochure here (PDF)

Specialist concepts to keep you safe

  • No two solutions are ever the same but each and every one begins with us sitting down with our customers to discuss their needs. We are always happy to give advice on safety logistics and management. You can benefit from our services in a number of ways:

      • Maximum levels of availability
      • Monitoring & observing of testing intervals
      • Detailed documentation
      • Precise quantities of stock
      • Reduced stock loss
      • High & uniform safety standards – always in line with the latest technology

Make the most of our experience

  • We are dedicated to your safety and make the very most of our know-how and experience to keep you safe. Each and every day.

    • Consulting

      • Giving you detailed advice on how to manage your safety equipment is not simply something we feel we need to do but something we feel obliged to do. We work in partnership with our customers, showing them the range of options available to them and then working with them to ensure these detailed concepts are implemented in the most effective way.


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      • Our successful concepts are based on the comprehensive advice we give on materials, logistics and services


      • The training courses we offer provide both theory and practice – with a clear emphasis on practical use. The participants leave with detailed knowledge of safety materials and how they should be used. Priority here is put on showing how to use the products correctly and effectively in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and legal regulations.

        We hold in-house courses at our customers as well as courses in our own service centres.

      • Experienced trainers pass on their extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of the – in some cases highly sensitive – safety technology

        Our training programme — Please take a look! Download



      • No matter whether it involves gas detection technology, breathing apparatus, full body protection, fall arresters or safety equipment for specific situations – you can rent all the safety equipment you need from our extensive pool. For us, however, hiring out equipment is not simply a matter of supplying the materials. We are also able to set up complex material management systems on site at our customers by intelligently combining manpower and automated dispensers.

        Equipment being handed out at one of our Safety Shops

      • Additional information
        Download BUCHEN Service-Point brochure here (PDF, German)


      • The safety equipment is serviced by experienced technicians in our own service centres each time it is used. It goes without saying here that we always conform to all legislation requirements and the instructions issued by the manufacturers. This means that your employees always have access to equipment that works perfectly.


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      • Our service technicians always work with great care and attention to detail


      • All our safety equipment comes from well-known manufacturers. Thanks to its long-standing collaboration work, the pooling together of its expertise and the contracts it has negotiated with manufacturers, BUCHEN SafetyService is in a position to provide you with the latest technology at competitive prices.

        BUCHEN SafetyService has an extensive range of test and calibration gases that are available in a variety of cylinder sizes

      • Download BUCHEN’s catalogue of test and calibration gases here (PDF, German)

        BUCHEN SafetyService has an extensive range of test and calibration gases that are available in a variety of cylinder sizes

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    All our divisions across Europe have been issued with the required quality and safety management accreditations.

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