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BUCHEN UmweltService

BUCHEN carries out all works in the reactor in a nitrogen atmosphere. The Life Support System (LSS) is used as a key component of the safety equipment necessary for this purpose

Reactor service

  • Catalytic reactors are used in the chemical and petrochemical industry to refine products, to reduce environmental pollution and are at the heart of every industrial plant. BUCHEN-ICS, a BUCHEN company, is one of the leading international providers of reactor services.

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Expert with a comprehensive portfolio

  • Reactor services include all works around process plants handling catalysts, such as hydrocracker units, FCC reactors or UOP-CCR reformers etc. It begins with the preparation of the installation, which includes a detailed logistic planning, preparatory assembly works and the controlled rapid cooling of the reactor through nitrogen flushing. Catalyst handling includes removing the spent catalyst mass, filtering the material with a view to potentially re-using it in the reactor as well as refilling using the dense or sock loading procedure.

    BUCHEN reactor services: Decanting of the used catalyst from a nitrogen vacuum system in the UN approved lidded drums

    • The regeneration, passivation, or utilisation of catalyst material represent further specialities in the multitude of reactor services available. They also include different mechanical tasks, such as opening or closing of reactors, carrying out repairs, welding work and inspections all the way to disassembly and installation of complete reactor internals. To prevent thermal and chemical reactions, these tasks are carried out in a nitrogen atmosphere.

    • Crane hook of the filling containers loaded with the catalyst in the reactor

Expert with a comprehensive portfolio

  • Our services also include turnaround management for catalyst reactors, which covers systematic planning, project planning and implementation of all works while taking account of safety, quality, schedule and cost parameters.

    Range of services

      • Turnaround management
      • Preparation of the installation
      • Catalyst handling in nitrogen-based atmosphere
      • Inspection in nitrogen-based atmosphere
      • Maintenance of reactor internals
      • Assembly works
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    All our divisions across Europe have been issued with the required quality and safety management accreditations.

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