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BUCHEN UmweltService

BUCHEN's range of services extends to all installation areas in power plants and waste incineration as well as boiler plants of chemical, aliment and other industrial firms

Power plant services

  • BUCHEN provides operators of conventional power stations, thermal waste reclamation plants as well as industrial incineration and steam-generating plants across Europe with special services that cover all aspects of cleaning, waste management and remediation. Individual service packages tailored to the requirements of our customers minimise their workload and organisational efforts and streamline audits and process sequences.

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Flexibility brings perfect results

  • Depending on the particular task, our power plant services choose from the widest range of cleaning methods to suit a particular problem, including those that require specialist knowledge. This includes boiler cleaning with sandblasting technology, air heater cleaning and air cooler cleaning.

    Range of Services

      • Boiler cleaning
      • Air cooler cleaning
      • Chemical cleaning
      • Blasting cleaning
      • Air heater cleaning
      • High-pressure water jet cleaning
      • Sandblasting
      • Stud removal/stud welding

Including sandblasting and blasting techniques

  • With the blast cleaning, BUCHEN removes impurities in combustion chambers of industrial boilers as well as in modern fluidised bed boilers or in post-combustion installations for treatment of flue gases such as spray absorbers or residual silos

  • In the case of sandblasting, the abrasive material is carefully matched with the particular impurity and surface to be cleaned. In the case of blast cleaning, we generate blast waves with precisely controlled explosive charges, for example, in the combustion chambers of industrial boilers or modern fluidised bed boilers. In this way, it is possible to remove and crush large quantities of deposits in a short amount of time. The effective method can be used in masses at temperatures of up to 1,200 °C. During scheduled downtimes, it can also be used while boilers are cooling.

BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH 
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    All our divisions across Europe have been issued with the required quality and safety management accreditations.

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