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Bolted plate heat exchangers comprise a package of individual, stamped heat exchange plates made of stainless steel or titanium. Seals ensure the media are separated

The customer-oriented BUCHEN maintenance services for plate heat exchangers

Plate exchangers are used in many branches of industry to facilitate energy-efficient and environment-friendly production processes. In view of their special design and the stresses they have to withstand, plate exchangers are, however, especially susceptible to contamination.

What must be observed

  • Retreading with seals in original or OEM quality

    The "before and after" comparison

  • Ensuring optimal heat transfer requires flawless cleaning of the plate heat exchangers. This is the only way the equipment can be operated smoothly and without restrictions. 

    Even tiny impurities can cause:

    • impairment of the heat transfer,
    • higher flow temperatures,
    • higher pressure losses,
    • operational disturbances,
    • lower volumetric flows,
    • and thus increased operating costs!

    To ensure a continuous efficient mode of operation, regular reconditioning and change of gaskets is mandatorily necessary. High maintenance expenses from manufacturer's side are indispensable.

Our complete services

  • Building on its expertise in every form of industrial service, BUCHEN has been offering a customer-focused and economical plate exchanger service. From dismantling to cleaning and repair, highly trained expert teams make sure that bolted plate heat exchangers are returned to the production process quickly and reliably. They offer an end-to-end service. This latest offering minimises maintenance downtimes and the associated productivity downturns, while at the same time ensuring that the plate exchangers' original efficiency is sustained.

    • Advantages

      • Skilled maintenance of all customary brands
      • Retreading with gaskets in original and OEM quality
      • Spare parts in original and OEM quality
      • Rapid response in case of failures
      • Large quantities cleaned with short turnaround
      • Significant reduction of downtimes 
      • Equipment-specific maintenance and cleaning according to customer requirements
      • Fast spare parts delivery
    • Additional information

      The flyer for BUCHEN plate heat exchanger services is available for download as a PDF

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