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BUCHEN UmweltService

BUCHEN has developed effective cleaning procedures for refineries, power plants, chemical plants and other large plants

Industrial cleaning

  • Inspection and cleaning of large industrial plants – whatever the task, BUCHEN has an appropriate process from the wide range of different cleaning options. From high-pressure water cleaning of tanks and heat exchangers, the BTS tank cleaning process for large tanks in the petrochemical industry, chemical cleaning and, if necessary, passivation of pipelines, to the system flush process, we offer effective solutions for your specific needs. Even the most stubborn contamination is removed so that the production plant attains optimum efficiency. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on which process is most suitable.

  • BUCHEN washing station for cleaning heat exchangers

  • Biogas plant services

    • Regular maintenance and inspection is essential for consistently high gas yields in biogas plants. BUCHEN offers a comprehensive service ranging from project planning and comprehensive work and safety concepts all the way to implementation.

    Chemical cleaning

    • In most industrial installations, the materials which are used or processed leaved significant residues. At some stage, the installations will no longer perform as required. Chemical cleaning procedures in closed systems carefully remove the material deposits.

    High-pressure water jet cleaning

    • Depending on the particular task and deployment location, BUCHEN carries out automated or manual cleaning work. Automated high-pressure water jet procedures are typically used. The manual high-pressure cleaning is used where the use of automated procedures is not possible or not cost-effective.

    Plate heat exchanger services

    • To guarantee optimum heat transfer from plate heat exchangers, a flawless clean condition is required. The BUCHEN plate heat exchanger services include all required services from dismantling and cleaning to repair.

    Tank, vessel and column cleaning

    • All removable residues are removed from the tank during tank, vessel and column cleaning. With the high-pressure water jet technique, strongly adhering contamination can also be carefully removed and effectively removed from the tank along with the rinse water.

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