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Air coolers in power plants and incinerators are carefully and efficiently cleaned of impurities with an automated high-pressure water jet procedure specially developed by BUCHEN

High pressure water jet cleaning – Process can be utilised in many different ways

Cleaning using the high-pressure water jet method is a standard service provided in industrial cleaning and a core competency of BUCHEN. Even ingrained dirt can be reliably removed with the efficient cleaning method – for example, deposits in containers and on equipment or incrustations in pipelines, to name just a few.

Sometimes automatically, sometimes manually

  • The manual high-pressure water jet method is used in particular to clean small components of industrial plants

    Depending on the task at hand and the location, we either clean manually or automatically. The automated high-pressure water jet process is the standard method of operation, because it is superior on so many different levels: it is highly efficient and it is extremely safe since the equipment used can, for the most part, be controlled remotely. In order to attain perfect results, we can also use special equipment we have developed ourselves. The manually operated high-pressure water jet cleaning is used in situations where the use of the automated process is not feasible or not economical.

    Scope of services

      • Consulting, coordination and planning of the most effective cleaning process
      • Use of powerful high-pressure pumps
      • Automated high-pressure water jet tailored to the most diverse cleaning jobs
      • Manual high-pressure water jet cleaning
      • Installation work

Mobile wash station

  • Automated internal cleaning of heat exchanger bundles

    Mobile washing station for the cleaning of containers and small components

  • For interior and exterior cleaning of heat exchanging bundles, we deploy our mobile wash station on-site, wherever pollutants – as a result of the washing process – can contaminate the ground or the vicinity or where run-off fluids need to be retained. This solution is an environmentally sound and cost-effective recirculation system that mechanically cleans the waste water and filters it back to the high-pressure pump.


    • Circulation system achieved by mechanical waste water treatment and water recycling to the high-pressure pump
    • Transportation by a hook lift truck without use of a crane
    • No pollution of soil or the environment
    • Waste water reduced by up to 90 per cent
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