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BUCHEN UmweltService

BUCHEN is a professional partner to foundries that manufacture moulded parts using the cold-box process

Foundry service

For more than 20 years, BUCHEN has implemented a closed recycling system for amines, including the required logistics, at the Voerde site as a competent partner to the foundry industry – and is fully committed to the objectives of the recycling economy in accordance with legal requirements.

Recovering recyclable materials

  • Foundry operations utilise amines as catalysts for hardening the moulding-sand binding mixture. The released gaseous amines are extracted and bound with wash concentrate. BUCHEN transports the spent wash concentrate to the amine recycling installation and converts it back to amines of sufficient purity to enable them to be utilised again via the foundry supplier industry.

  • In collaboration with long-term partners, we also offer our customers: technical advice, plant maintenance (as a certified specialist in accordance with the German Water Act) along with a spare parts service

A continuous cycle is the objective

  • By combining inputs and outputs, we achieve closed product loops and offer our customers significant advantages:

    • Freedom from otherwise mandatory participation in the identification process based on disposal certification for hazardous waste, which requires official verification for each waste type and place of origin
    • Freedom from the obligation to maintain electronic dispatch notes for hazardous waste; no need to participate in the electronic identification procedure for this waste
    • High flexibility in the selection of carriers, including general cargo, through liberation from the Directive on Transport Permits (TgV)

    Range of services

    As a professional partner to the foundry industry, BUCHEN operates a closed recycling system for amines at its Voerde facility. Our service package comprises:

      • Supply of wash concentrate K 103 (sulphuric acid)
      • Provision of mesh box containers
      • Acceptance of spent wash concentrate (loaded washing liquid or amine sulphate)
      • Compilation of the necessary documents according to the Closed Substance Cycle Act (KrWG)
      • Preparation of records of proper waste management by the simplified procedure as a specialist disposal business according to § 56 of the German Recycling and Waste Management Act
      • Notifications relating to the international shipment (import) of waste according to Regulation (EC) No 1013/2006
      • Logistics and analysis
      • Distillation of the amines (e.g. DMEA, DMIPA, DMPA)
      • Delivery of the recovered amines to the foundry supply industry

The operation of BUCHEN amine recycling

  • Schematic diagram of the procedure used to recover amines

    Minimise your expenditure on handling, documentation and managing certificates and records: BUCHEN customers simply use a removal order to verify the whereabouts of their waste – it's issued for every shipment.

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    All our divisions across Europe have been issued with the required quality and safety management accreditations.

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