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The cold-cutting process using high-pressure water easily cuts through even the hardest materials

Cold cutting with high pressurized water

  • Cutting work in industrial plants demands an extremely high level of safety. In its industrial service division, BUCHEN employs the Water Abrasive Suspension Cutting technique (WASC) on its customers' premises, fulfilling the highest plant construction requirements for precision, speed and environmentally friendly operation. Versatile application methods permit cost-saving solutions.

  • Cold cutting a tank cover

Cold cutting using the WASC process

  • The WASC process complies with the strictest plant construction requirements in terms of precision, speed and environmentally-friendly operation

    The WASC process is particularly suitable for cutting pipelines, tank openings, apparatus, reactors and large tanks, especially in potentially explosive areas. Even the hardest materials, including those with double walls, or sandwich elements can be cut without difficulty and with no heat generation.

    Benefits of the WASC technique at a glance:

      • Suitable for cutting materials ranging from soft to steel-hard thanks to low cutting and reaction forces
      • Vibration-free cutting
      • Low kerf width conserves material
      • No health hazard from dust emissions or exhaust gases
      • No material changes due to thermal stress
      • No jamming of the tool in the cut
      • Broaching of unmarked material
      • Internal and external cutting of pipelines
      • Cutting of concrete up to approx. 500 mm and steel up to approx. 300 mm
      • Unnecessary health risks can be avoided by the process's use of remote control technology
      • Only water and abrasives are used for cutting
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