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To meet and further develop the strict requirements for safety at work and health protection, BUCHEN has established an internal QHSE organisation

At BUCHEN, safety at work and health protection are more than an obligation

  • Occupational safety and health protection are the two main pillars of our company policy. To effectively integrate occupational safety and health protection into our corporate structure and operational procedures, we decided at an early stage to implement the internationally accredited safety management system SCC – Safety Certificate Contractors.

  • In 1986 BUCHEN established "Principles of Occupational Safety" for the first time, the safety management system SCC was seen as advanced by many customers

Safety management system SCC

In 1995 Buchen UmweltService GmbH was the first company in Germany to be successfully certified in accordance with the specifications of the SCC checklist. Today this safety management system is an essential component of our integrated management system in the areas of quality, safety, health and environmental protection.

In order to fulfil and further expand our strict requirements, and those of our customers, for safety at work and health protection, BUCHEN has a company-owned QHSE organisation with more than 20 of its own experienced specialists and more than 130 safety officers.

Our fast, flexible and secure work with the use of breathing apparatus and HAZMAT suits is supported by three in-house breathing protection workshops, which guarantee the availability of functional and tested protective equipment.

Occupational safety and health protection always have priority

  • For the identification of health and safety risks in the workplace, risk assessments are developed in collaboration with safety specialists, supervisors, employees and the works council. In this context, the risks associated with the activity, possible hazards posed by working appliances and hazardous substances as well as their interaction with the environment are recorded and assessed in order to deduce and define protective measures from this.

Occupational safety and health protection are concerns for all

    • Our employees are intensively trained on the risks in the workplace and the appropriate protective measures using operating instructions created on the basis of the risk assessment. The subject of safety at work and health protection is also an essential component of our other training and instruction modules.

      Extract from our training and instruction modules

        • Legally required instruction
        • Additional activity/project-related safety instruction
        • Occupational safety training according to SCC/VCA
        • Special training for wearing breathing apparatus
        • Special training for high-pressure cleaners
        • Training relating to dangerous goods law

      It is important for us that all employees have an awareness of the importance of occupational safety and health protection that is firmly anchored at an early stage. This starts with our young colleagues during their training as "specialists in pipe, drainage and industrial services", for example, and continues during the intensive training and induction of new employees and extends to further training for our experienced employees and supervisors.

Occupational safety and health protection are always a concern

  • We firmly believe that our strict requirements regarding safety at work and health protection enable us to provide our customers with safe working practices with our specialists, and that the results stand out in terms of quality and value. To improve our services further, it is important that employees are continuously reminded of the risks associated with activities.

    • Actions and projects aimed at enhancing safety awareness

      • Multilingual poster campaign ”Protection and Safety from the Start” with specific topics from professional practice
      • Multilingual QHSE information that focuses on particular hazard situations and the lessons learnt in this respect
      • Multilingual safety cards for the daily safety check before starting activities
      • National poster and flyer campaign ”Boost your Vision” with picture quiz; a project for expanding perspectives on working procedures and situations

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    All our divisions across Europe have been issued with the required quality and safety management accreditations.

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