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BUCHEN UmweltService

Former company grounds of Richard BUCHEN GmbH, which was later renamed BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH

From pump manufacturer to international supplier of high-quality industrial services

  • For more than 70 years, BUCHEN UmweltService has been a service partner to industry and commerce in the industrial service, waste disposal and remediation sectors.
    This long-established Cologne company was founded back in 1844 as "Pumpenmacherfabrik Johann Schumacher". Three generations of Schumachers built up the company's position as a major partner to up-and-coming industry until finally, in 1948, Richard BUCHEN, the husband of Schumacher's granddaughter, recognised the opportunities for services in the industrial sector and transformed the manufacturing business into a service provider. The main service at that time was industrial cleaning with high-pressure water jet systems. At the end of the sixties, special waste disposal emerged as another important business area, and shortly after that remediation became another business service. These divisions were continuously expanded in the following decades.

    • The present: 2000–today

        • 2000

          • Concentration of power plant activities in the BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH in Cologne (Germany)


          • Acquisition of AVR Booy-Support (Netherlands)
          • Beginning of automated tank cleaning in the closed system (BTS)


          • Founding of BUCHEN-ICS Ltd. in Scunthorpe (UK)


          • Opening of FILTRATEC Mobile Slibontwatering B.V. in Rotterdam (Netherlands)


          • BUCHEN becomes a subsidiary company of REMONDIS SE & Co KG
          • Further internationalisation through the founding of BUCHEN Industrial Services B.V. in Rotterdam (Netherlands), BUCHEN Services Industriels S.A.R.L. in Drusenheim (France) and BUCHEN Industrial Services Baltikum OÜ in Rae vald (Estonia)


          • Acquisition of the Belgian industrial services companies WATCO SA and WATCO NV, which were renamed BUCHEN Industrial Services S.A. and N.V.
          • Expansion of catalyst activities through founding of BUCHEN-ICS S.r.l. in Stefanesti (Romania) and BUCHEN-ICS S.L. in Mungia (Spain)
          • Acquisition of Schliemann Transport- und Industriereinigung GmbH in Bergheim (Germany)
          • FILTRATEC Mobile Schlammentwässerung GmbH develops and operates first mobile gas-tight three-stage decanter in Europe.


          • Entry in the Russian industrial services market through founding of BUCHEN Industrial Services OOO in Ufa (Russia)
          • Founding of BUCHEN-ICS S.r.l. in Porto Mantovano (Italy)
          • Acquisition of Biermann Hochdruck-Strahltechnik GmbH in Bochum (Germany)


          • Founding of BUCHEN RaffinerieService GmbH in Schwedt/Oder (Germany) and BUCHEN-ICS Global Technology Services b.v. in Spijkenisse (Netherlands)
          • Opening of training centre in Schwedt (Germany) and further training centre in Voerde (Germany)
          • Acquisition of OSRO-Ostgathe GmbH in Marl (Germany)


          • With the opening of the plate heat exchanger services centre in Merseburg, a new service regarding the cleaning and reconditioning of plate heat exchangers is launched.
          • Further development and expansion of international activities through the founding of BUCHEN Industrial Services Polska Sp. z o.o. in Gliwice (Poland) and BUCHEN Industrial Services Middle East W.L.L. in Manama (Bahrain)


          • Expansion of the international turnaround and storage tank cleaning activities through the founding of BUCHEN Tank- and TurnaroundService GmbH (Germany)
          • Entry into the Turkish industrial services market through acquisition of BUCHEN Esman Endüstriyel Servis Limited ?irketi in Bursa (Turkey)
          • Strengthening of the foundry services activities through acquisition of TRG Cyclamin GmbH in Schönebeck/Elbe (Germany)
          • Expansion of power plant services division through the acquisition of KIW Kessel and Industriewartung GmbH in Haßloch (Germany)
          • Introduction of corrosion protection as a further specialist service in the BUCHEN service portfolio


          • Expansion of activities in North Germany through acquisition of HEINZ PULS GmbH & Co. in Heide (Germany)
          • At the end of the year XERVON GmbH becomes an affiliate of BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH


          • Development and expansion of services in biogas plants


          • Biermann Hochdruck-Strahltechnik GmbH merges with BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH
          • Development of safety services in Leuna


          • I.S.E. UmweltService GmbH and SCHLIEMANN Transport- und Industriereineinigung GmbH merge with the BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH
          • Acquisition of the I.R.M. Beiz- Reinigungs- und Hochdrucktechnik GmbH in Langenfeld


          • BUCHEN SafetyService opens a service center region East in the Leuna Chemical Park


          • Bundling of services of BUCHEN Tank- and TurnaroundService GmbH and BUCHEN-ICS, Industrial-Catalyst-Service GmbH in BUCHEN-ICS GmbH. The company now offers the services catalyst handling, tank cleaning, chemical cleaning and silo cleaning.

      Expansion and development: 1979–1999

        • 1979

          • Founding of BUCHEN-ICS (Industrial Catalyst Services) GmbH in Cologne, (Germany)


          • Beginning of services in nuclear installations


          • Founding of the first BUCHEN-ICS subsidiary company in Le Havre (France)


          • Expansion of activities in East Germany through foundation of company branches in Leuna/Merseburg and Schwedt/Oder
          • Opening of I.S.E UmweltService GmbH at the BASF site in Ludwigshafen (Germany)


          • Founding of the BUCHEN Ekoservis s.r.o in Lom u Mostu (Czech Republic)


          • Acquisition of FILTRATEC Mobile Schlammentwässerung GmbH in Voerde (Germany)
          • Expansion of the ICS subsidiary company BUCHEN-ICS B.V. in Rotterdam (Netherlands) as well as BUCHEN-ICS B.V.B.A. in Hoevenen (Belgium)


          • Founding of a new BUCHEN-ICS company in Százhalombatta (Hungary)

      Foundation and expansion: 1844–1972

        • 1844

          • Founding of the "Pumpenmacherfabrik Johann Schumacher & Co"


          • Richard BUCHEN, husband of Schumacher's granddaughter, converted the manufacturing plant into a service company


          • Beginning of the cleaning and disposal activities for the industry


          • Opening of the first branch in Karlsruhe


          • Commissioning of the first "mobile burnout installation" for refinery sludge


          • Change of name to Richard BUCHEN GmbH


          • Expansion of the hazardous waste disposal and operation of the company's own collection points and waste treatment facilities


          • Expansion of further branches and sites in Hamburg, Stade, Duisburg, Wesseling, Ludwigshafen and Burghausen


          • In-house development of practical high-pressure and ultra-high pressure cleaning equipment
BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH 
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