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BUCHEN UmweltService

Quality, health & safety and environmental protection (QHSE) are, and will remain, important factors for us and for our customers

Business principles

In 1986 we established the "Principles of Occupational Safety" for the first time. This was seen as exemplary and advanced by many customers. In the following years these principles were developed further with our employees. They are revised every three years and updated if necessary. We view the principles of our company policy as a daily challenge, which we face with the aim of continuous improvement. They are binding for all of us.

We collaborate closely with our customers to provide mutually beneficial services

  • The high quality work and advice provided by our staff is just one of the reasons why we are able to offer all our customers reliable QHSE standards

    This means that every day:

      • We work with our customers to identify all their requirements.
      • We offer bespoke, full service packages that are excellent value for money.
      • We are flexible and reliable and always keep to schedule and budget.
      • We provide high quality work and advice, creating a sound basis for long-lasting business relationships.
      • We adapt to the changing needs of our customers, developing our own business as well as helping them to develop theirs.
      • Each and every employee is aware that the way they work affects the image and reputation of our company.

We believe our success is based on the skills and expertise of our employees

  • Our employees take part in regular courses at our own training centre

  • This means that every day:

    • We ensure our employees are able to assume responsibility by offering them a wide range of high quality training courses.
    • We encourage and expect our employees to think and act independently.
    • We provide ongoing training courses to make our employees more aware of potential safety and environmental hazards.
    • We believe it is essential to have open communication channels, to create clear objectives and to adopt a systematic approach to achieve them all.
    • Each and every employee is aware of the exemplary role they play – both as an individual and as part of a team.
    • We treat each other with respect, promote team work and are there to support and help each other whenever needed.

We work tirelessly towards creating a cleaner environment

  • All business areas have been granted the quality, environmental and safety management certificates they need to perform their high quality work

    This means that every day:

      • Environmental protection is an integral part of our work.
      • Environmental laws and regulations are the minimum standard our company aims to achieve.
      • Our never-ending goal is to reduce air, ground and water pollution. It goes without saying that our operations are energy efficient and our resources used sparingly.
      • We strengthen our environmental expertise by regularly participating in training courses and actively sharing information with others.
      • We openly discuss our work with the public, authorities, customers and employees to further cement their trust in our operations.
      • We ensure our QHSE standards are complied with at all times by monitoring our branch and facility operations ourselves as well as by working constructively with our customers and the authorities.

We unite business success with quality, safety, health and environmental protection

  • In order to improve services, work processes are continuously optimised, with errors being handled constructively

  • This means that every day:

    • Our company objectives are to drive business success, quality, safety, health and environmental protection standards – with safety always top of the list.
    • We ensure our success is sustainable by constantly optimising our operations.
    • Our processes are further improved by our business idea management scheme.
    • We handle errors constructively as this is vital to further enhance the quality of our services.
    • Quality, safety, health and environmental protection are all part of our management system which we are continuously updating and fi ne tuning.
    • Top priority is given to environmental and safety issues when we plan our projects; we are always guided by the latest technology.

We comply with all laws and regulations and are committed to social responsibility

  • Our work is planned and implemented so as to always comply with all laws, ordinances, regulations, trade association rules and DIN standards as well as any official orders

    This means that every day:

      • We are committed to corporate compliance and adhere to all laws and regulations, technical standards and internal guidelines.
      • Our well-structured downstream management system ensures all laws and internal regulations are complied with when we work with third parties.
      • We do not tolerate discrimination in any of its forms when we collaborate with others – either inside or outside the company.
      • We will not do anything that may hinder fair competition.
      • We do not tolerate any form of child labour, forced or compulsory labour.
      • We respect the laws and values of other countries.

  • We have been issued certificates in the following areas

      • Quality Management ISO 9001
      • Environmental Management ISO 14001
      • Safety Management SCCP/SCP
      • Occupational Safety Management OHSAS 18001
      • Energy Management ISO 50001
      • Quality Requirements for Welding ISO 3834 & ISO 1090
      • Quality Assurance Certifcation in acc. with KTA 1401

    All BUCHEN certifications and authorisations can be found in the library

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    All our divisions across Europe have been issued with the required quality and safety management accreditations.

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