Quality, health & safety and environmental protection (QHSE) are, and will remain, important factors for us and for our customers

Corporate principles

In 1986 we established the "Principles of Occupational Safety" for the first time. This was seen as exemplary and advanced by many customers. In the following years these principles were developed further with our employees. They are revised every three years and updated if necessary. We view the principles of our company policy as a daily challenge, which we face with the aim of continuous improvement. They are binding for all of us.

We provide services for our customers for partnership benefits

    Through competent advice and the work of our employees we offer all our customers a reliable QSGU partnership, among other things

    For our day-to-day work, this means, in concrete terms:

      • We always recognise our customers' requirements
      • We offer customer-specific complete solutions with a reasonable price/performance ratio
      • We offer flexibility, reliability and good service
      • Thanks to our highly qualified work and consulting, we build the confidence needed for lasting partnership
      • Through the changing needs of our customers, we develop in parallel with them
      • We are aware that the manner of every individual employee stamps the customer's image of our company

We regard the abilities of our employees as the basis for our success

    At our in-house In our own further training centre our employees are regularly trained

  • For our day-to-day work, this means specifically:

    • Through highly qualified vocational and further training, we create the basis for assuming responsibility
    • We encourage and expect independent thought and action from all our employees
    • By means of continuous training we sharpen our employees' awareness of possible risks
    • Open communication, clearly agreed aims and the consistent pursuit of objectives are key to our approach
    • Every employee is aware of his exemplary function as an individual and a team member
    • We treat one another with respect, encourage team spirit, and also see ourselves as service providers to our colleagues

We work for a clean environment

    All areas are certified to the necessary extent in quality, environmental and security management

    For our day-to-day work, this means specifically:

      • Environmental protection forms an integral part of our activities
      • For us, legal regulations regarding environmental protection are the minimum requirements
      • Our actions are directed at reducing contamination of soil, water and air; the conservation of resources is second nature to us
      • We reinforce our environmental expertise by means of continuous training and active exchange of information
      • Through open dialogue, we intensify the confidence of the public, the authorities, our customers and our employees in our actions
      • We ensure compliance with our environmental, quality and safety standards by means of internal checks at our locations and constructive cooperation with our customers

We associate economic success with quality, health & safety and environmental protection

    In order to improve services, work processes are continuously optimised, with errors being handled constructively

  • For our day-to-day work, this means specifically:

    • Economic success, quality, health & safety and environmental protection are equal-ranking company objectives; in case of doubt, safety always takes first priority
    • The continual optimisation of all working procedures ensures our long-term success
    • The staff suggestion scheme supports the continuous improvement process
    • Dealing with mistakes constructively is an element in the continual improvement of our services
    • Quality, health & safety and environmental protection are integral parts of our management system, which we are continuously adding to and refining
    • When planning our projects, environmental and safety considerations take precedence, whereby our benchmark is the current state of the art

We comply with all laws and regulations and are committed to social responsibility

    Our work is planned and implemented so as to always comply with all laws, ordinances, regulations, trade association rules and DIN standards as well as any official orders

    This means that every day:

      • We are committed to corporate compliance and adhere to all laws and regulations, technical standards and internal guidelines.
      • Our well-structured downstream management system ensures all laws and internal regulations are complied with when we work with third parties.
      • We do not tolerate discrimination in any of its forms when we collaborate with others – either inside or outside the company.
      • We will not do anything that may hinder fair competition.
      • We do not tolerate any form of child labour, forced or compulsory labour.
      • We respect the laws and values of other countries.

  • BUCHEN certifications

      • Quality management EN ISO 9001
      • Safety management SCCP, OHSAS 18001
      • Environmental management EN ISO 14001
      • Specialist disposal business according to § 52 KrW-/AbfG (German Recycling and Waste Management Act)

    Further approvals/qualifications in Germany

      • Radiation protection according to German rule KTA 1401; radioactive materials handling and activities in external plants and facilities according to § 15 StrSchV (German Radiation Protection Regulation) respectively
      • Specialist company according to Wasserhaushaltsgesetz (German Water Act)
      • Specialist company according to annex III No. 2.4.2 German Hazardous Substances Regulation
      • Specialist remediation business
      • German RAL Seal of Quality: tank protection, drains

    All BUCHEN certifications and authorisations can be found in the library

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