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BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH

BUCHEN supports both private and public customers in the maintenance of the infrastructure of their important drainage infrastructures

Sewer service

The sewer service encompasses cleaning, inspection, leakage testing and remediation of contaminated, damaged or outdated sewer systems. Wide-ranging know-how, many years of experience, skilled specialists and special high-performance appliances ensure high-quality execution.

Drain, culvert and pipe cleaning

    The efficient TV inspection vehicles are equipped with modern IT and camera equipment and are controlled by trained personnel

    The basis of all work done by the sewer service is thorough cleaning. The offering includes drain, siphon and pipe cleaning, as well as large and special profile cleaning and mains connection cleaning. Complicated long-leg drain cleaning up to 400 m is also possible. The latest technology guarantees efficient working:

      • Combined high-pressure washing and suction units; available with integrated water treatment on request
      • Mobile air conveyor units
      • Special appliances for milling away drain obstructions caused by encrustation, solid salt deposits or projecting branch connections

Drain inspection

    The condition of the sewer or drainage system is precisely recorded and examined with the TV camera

  • First, the condition of the drain systems is accurately recorded using drain TV vehicles. The vehicles are equipped with the latest computer and camera technology and are operated by trained drain TV inspectors:

    • Explosion protected drain TV inspection vehicles
    • Portable, mobile camera systems
    • Mains connection satellite systems
    • Well camera

Leakage testing

  • In the interests of environmental protection, leakage tests are indispensable for checking purposes and represent a compulsory measure prior to repair work or before newly laid drains enter service. BUCHEN tests for leaks with either water or air. The latest technology guarantees efficient working:

    • Leakage testing vehicle
    • Mobile leakage testing system
    • Manhole inspection system
    • Oil separator inspection system
    • Individual coupler testing

    This computer-aided testing is based on professional database software

Sewer remediation

    Our proven remediation methods include partial inliner technology and manhole coating

  • We prepare individual remediation concepts on the basis of the waste water systems after cleaning and inspection:

    • Partial remediation
    • Remediation reach by reach
    • Manhole remediation
    • Manual remediation
    • Trap remediation
BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH 
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