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BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH

BUCHEN cleans contaminated buildings and passes on the accumulated material for safe treatment

Prudent specialists

  • Whether dismantling industrial plants or rehabilitating buildings – for every project, BUCHEN develops a bespoke solution concept that meets all safety and efficiency requirements. In this context, our service portfolio extends from accurate assessment of potential hazards through to construction management all the way to the disposal of hazardous building materials.

  • As diverse as the tasks may be, we always carry them out with highly-qualified personnel, modern equipment and thorough safety precautions

Safety and efficiency: Two sides of the same coin

  • The process of cleaning contaminated buildings and technical facilities is considered to be a particular challenge – with good reason. That's because building materials that contain pollutants are frequently highly toxic and damaging to the environment. You can count on our expertise; As a company specialising in the reliable and safe removal, transportation and treatment of the corresponding hazardous materials, BUCHEN is thoroughly familiar with all safety measures for the protection of personnel and the environment.

    Range of services

    • Demolition, dismantling and disassembly of installations and buildings: Construction management, demolition and dismantling services, waste management, utilisation of scrap and rubble, transportation and disposal
    • Remediation of buildings: Removal of harmful substances in and around buildings (e.g. asbestos, KMF, PAH, PCB, dioxin, mercury, lindane, PCP, heavy metals, styrene), mould remediation, fire damage remediation, obtaining of all required permits
    • Remediation of concrete surfaces

Knowing how the ravages of time manifest themselves

Frost, gritting salt, carbonation, oxidation of the reinforcement, alkaline reactions, overloading or defects in workmanship: Damage to concrete surfaces has numerous causes. BUCHEN knows appropriate measures for every individual case. We use advanced high-pressure water jet systems up to 2,500 bar to carefully remove concrete before treating the corrosion of the underlying steel reinforcements. We then carry out long-lasting repairs to or replacement of the surface.

BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH 
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